Consultancy & Design

Mole Electrics Ltd. Have a good understanding of the demanding requirements expected by security and facilities management. Though mindful of current trends in evolving technology and conversant with the best of these innovations, consideration to the reliability of proven products is essential.

Provision for expansion and new technology can be as important as understanding your immediate requirements where ‘Integrity’ is a crucial part of the specification process, not only with regard to sensitive information but to the system’s suitability in being ‘fit for purpose’ both for now and in the future.

We will provide the best solution through our professional understanding of the Client’s requirements, balanced against suitability and environmental conditions.

Access Control

Mole Electrics Ltd. Recognise that Access Control Systems are crucial in the modern commercial environment. Controlling and recording the flow of those entering, leaving and moving through a building is fundamental to safe and secure operation for many companies.

Consideration to personnel, assets, operational strategies and the integrity of sensitive information are all crucial elements protected by controlled access, as well as guarding against susceptibility to various forms of disruption through uncontrolled intrusion.

Historically, the implementation of an access control system has been thought to be the preserve of larger Corporations, however through advances in technology, cost effective systems, without compromise to functionality are now available to ALL.

CCTV Systems

Mole Electrics Ltd. Promotes the use of CCTV, as it is statistically proven to be the most significant tool in the fight against crime when:

‘Professionally Installed - Fit for Purpose’

  • Affords A Visual Deterrent To Criminal Activity
  • Offers Reassurance To Company Operatives (personal safety & assets)
  • Protects Against Industrial Espionage (covert applications)
  • Is A Vital Aid To Health & Safety (remote locations)
  • Enables Remote Access & Multi-Site Monitoring
  • Enhances Security & Facilities Team Management
  • Provides Detailed Record Information 24/365

Audio-Visual Entry

Mole Electrics Ltd. Audio and Video Entry systems provide fundamental tools for access control. Simplicity in concept and operation hide a powerful tool affording point of entry recognition and control of access.

Audio Video Entry systems provide the operator with -

  • Simple and effective controls
  • Increased safety for staff against unauthorised entry
  • A ‘firewall’ to the nuisances of unscheduled appointments and cold calling
  • Remote locking devices expand the system into a basic form of ‘access control’
  • The addition of video provides a basic surveillance tool

Service & Maintenance

Mole Electrics Ltd. Plan for when all new works are successfully completed. A service and maintenance package is co-ordinated and tailored to suit the specific and individual requirements of each installation providing the after care and support that is expected for professional security in a commercial world where system reliability is paramount.

Our service and maintenance operations are also offered to new clients on existing sites where we are only too happy to provide an overview and alternative proposals and costs for adoption of the site, having listened to the client’s expectations and detailed requirements.

Integrated Services

Mole Electrics Ltd. Are pro-active to the evolving needs of a building’s development, especially in sites where there is multi-occupation. With the introduction of the PC as a management tool it is no longer necessary to end up with an unrelated collection of control units. Security does not end with the control of ingress and egress but may be expanded to incorporate the integrity of the entire building.

  • Intruder Alarm & Detection Systems
  • Perimeter Alarm & Detection Systems
  • Fire Alarm & Detection Systems
  • Critical System Alarms – Computer Suites, Lifts, Exclusion Areas
  • Automated Entry – Turnstiles, Gates, Barriers & Hydraulic Posts
  • Electrical Services – Lighting, Power, Testing & PPM
  • IT Networks

New Products

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